The material adopted as the frame uses the high-grade metal material of a titanium alloy (Ti-3aluminum 2.5V) and an aluminum alloy (#7005 Alloy). Making the frame into Lightweight and the balance of frame rigidity are the conclusive factors of material selection. The ratio which the expensive titanium alloy had very high corrosion resistance, and was converted into the same specific gravity — intensity — the inside of practical use metal — a summit level. It can be surely called a thing throughout life.



アルミ合金は、アルミ本来の軽量性、塑性加工性、耐食性がよいという特質とともに、機械適性能を著しく改善したものである。用途・特性により1000系〜7000系がある。自転車に用いられるアルミ合金の多くは6000系(AI-Mg-Si)と7000系(AI-Zn-Mg-Cu)の2種類があり、これに説処理を加え強度を高めている。 6000系は耐食性と強度、溶接性をほどよくバランスした材料として知られている材料。7000系はAI合金中で最強の材料であり、特に7075は超々ジェラルミンと呼ばれる。第二次大戦中の零戦用として日本で開発。その後、新幹線用に改良されたものがある。自転車用フレームとして最もポピュラーな素材。
素材 耐力(MPa) 引張強さ(MPa) 伸び(%) 硬さ(Hv) 比重(g/cm3)
クロモリ(SCM440) 216 834 23 330 7.9
ステンレス(SCM440) 205 520 58 200 7.93
純チタン2種(SCM440) 216 387 23 144 4.51
チタン合金 Ti-6AI-4V 823 892 15 320 4.3
チタン合金 Ti-3AI-2.5V 588 686 20 240 4.3
アルミ合金 #7075 490 560 20 170 2.8

The oval tube and the taper tube are manufactured by processing between the colds. While reinforcing intensity, making the material into Lightweight, and it succeeds in fully pulling out the potential of the material.The drops end which needs intensity is manufactured by CNC processing. It is most important in a manufacture process to give processing suitable for the special feature of the material used according to a use. Cold-Working

Our frame junction part is 17 places at all. The junction part carefully welded by handmade is completed by Bond processing by frame like a smooth one-piece. After warming again with the ” Weltrized processing T4″ which becomes hot and carries out the sudden cold to high temperature after welding, and raises hardness, “artificial age-hardening T6” for cooling slowly and taking out stickiness was performed, and distortion and remains stress which were produced by welding are removed. Welding & Treatment

Geometry is the important element determines special features, such as a size of a motorbike, a design, and a riding taste. Design process Two thin inclined pipes adopt as all the motorbikes of “TYRELL” the common design code “Slant design” which sandwiches the top tube. Elegant and comfortable silhouette is the identity itself does not change TYRELL. geometory

It is also one in pleasure of a motorbike lover to install a favorite part in a favorite frame. A stem, a seat post, a handle, BB, and all frame standards follow mainstream Road and MTB part standard. By this, it is not troubled by part exchange. compatibility
Slant Design

This impressive design that improves the strength of the entire frame while enhancing the rigidity around the long head tube is the DNA of all Tyrell which also attract onlookers because of its silhouette and unique framework.The frame geometry which has a reduced centre of gravity for the top tube and a longer wheelbase gives it a stable yet responsive feeling. This is the best perspective of the slant design. Slant Design

All Tyrell frames are powder coated painted by Kadowaki Coating except CSI and IVE. Powder coating is known as an environmentally friendly coating without using organic solvents, and the coating film formed is excellent in increasing the paint durability, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, chipping resistance, to prolong the life span of the products. Because Tyrell is a special bike for our customers, we do not allow any compromise in the paint. →Color sample Painting