By our company, we think ” not only in the Internet but any cases, personal information must be respected and kept”, and tries to protect personal privacy.
We ask our visitor personal information to user’s registration, an answer to a question, catalog dispatch, prize dispatch of campaign, etc. for the purpose of service to be checked the range, accepted by law The information from us may be sent by the E-mail or mail for as opposed to you who understood by based on the registered personal information.

The personal information of you, the users with whom we registered, does not share with any third persons except having obtained consent of users, is managed appropriately, without the case where it is able to ask for an indication with a statute etc. is removed.
Moreover, we does not change the information dealt with without the consent of users. However, when applied to following either, our company may check the information which users, registered, the use history, the contents of e-mail, etc., and may disclose these information for third person depending on the case.

– When there is reference based on law from the administration of justice of the court, the police, and others, the governmental agency, or the person according to these
– When the problem arises in a server maintenance or maintenance of the system
– When it is judged that the agreement which a statute or our company defines is broken, and there is a meeting common idea top problem of the other company
– When required in order to protect right or profits of our company, other users, or other third persons