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We cannot offer that harmful elements, such as a virus, are not contained, that there is no unauthorized entry from a third person, and the other guarantees about safety to the contents or the information carried by this site. When offering personal information on-line, encryption processing was performed through SSL, and I have managed so that there may be no unjust acquisition. However, in this site, personal information can not completely manageable since security hole is attached and it cannot say that no possibility that personal information may flow out by the illegal act by the invasion from the outside etc..
Moreover, about user ID or a password, the self is user will undertake executive responsibility.
By all means, be careful as your risk.

Escape Clause

(1) Change of the User requirement

Please understand beforehand that change our company of use conditions may change the use conditions of this site without preliminary announcement, and may stop management of all or some of websites.

(2) Copyright

The copyright of the information carried to this site belongs to our company in principle except for the contribution based on a contract with our company etc. Except for the case where there is prior consent by the document of our company, the information carried by this site is used (duplicate, edit, upload, a notice, transmission, distribution, sale, publication, etc. are included) is forbidden.

(3) Prohibition matter

You are forbid the next act that even if it is the case where the information carried by this site and is used in the range which sees clearly and is stopped by the prior consent or the private use and the other laws by the document of our company.

a.The act infringes on property or privacy of a third person or our company etc., or an act with a possibility of infringing.
b. Disadvantageous to a third person or our company, or the act does damage or an act with the fear.
c.The act damages the honor of a third person or our company, or trust.
d.In addition, the act which breaks law, a statute, or regulations or an act with the fear.
e. In addition, the act judged that our company is unsuitable.
f.The act performs a false report, such as registering others’ e-mail address, and a notification.
g. The act contrary to good public order and customs, or an act with the fear.

(4)Exemption from responsibility about information

Our company has paid careful attention for the “information” and the “contents” which are carried to this site. However, our company does not guarantee at all about whether the purpose of the accuracy, completeness, usefulness, safety, or use is accompanied. Also when a user suffers what kind of damage from use of this site, our company takes no responsibility.

Discontinuation of service, delay, etc. occur for the reason of failure of the server of this site, network apparatus, a circuit, etc., a stop, a power failure, a natural disaster, maintenance work, and others, and when a user suffers damage as a result, our company takes no responsibility.

(5) The link

The link to this site is free as a principle. However, since there is possibility that an edit intention may stop transmitting correctly etc., stretching a link to the contents in an intermediate page or a page itself refuses. Moreover, in the case of the website which does not suit the meaning of this site, it may refuse the link.

(6)Exemption from responsibility of our company to a link place

The contents from this site or the contents of the website (henceforth a “link site”) of third persons other than our company which has stretched the link to this site is managed under each responsibility. Our company does not take responsibility about any damage produced by having used them, concerning the contents of the link site.
Our company does not recommend the goods carried by use of a link site, and the link site, service, a company, etc., and it does not mean that a link has special relations between our company and a link site, such as a tie-up relation. Keep in mind that you need to agree also with the use conditions hung up in it to use those sites.

(7)Law conformity and competent court

Interpretation and application of use of this site and this use condition shall be based on Japanese their native country method another stage sets to others and a certain case is removed. Moreover, let the Takamatsu District Court be the competent court of the first trial under exclusive contract about all dispute in connection with use of this site of this.