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The first time I knew about Tyrell and IVE was in the manga, “Aoba Jitensha-ten”. My first impression about Tyrell was a “domestic brand and well-designed bicycle”. A few years later, I had a child and the chances of riding my road bike decreased. Naturally I considered commuting by bicycle to satisfy our desire for bicycles. However, my carbon road bike was difficult to use as a daily foot. In addition I had a storage space problem due to my rental housing, finally I decided to purchase a folding bike. I like bicycles with front and back triangles, so I was attracted to the design of IVE and purchased it. IVE is not as fast as a road bike. but it taught me a different way to enjoy bicycle, not ” fast”, such as I go through a road I hadn’t chosen before, stop and take pictures. I was attracted to its design and bought it, but what was good was not only the design but also its travelling performance. My image of a small wheeled bike has been overturned. However, it was a miscalculation that I ride IVE more than a road bike even on holidays …