About Us

We are a sports bicycle manufacturer located in Kagawa Prefecture, Shikoku. Although small in scale, we are one of the few specialized manufacturers in Japan that consistently conducts everything from development to manufacturing and sales.

The company name “Ive Emotion” comes from “I Have Emotion”. Our mission is to give our customers a deep impression (emotion) through our products, while each employee has a strong feeling towards manufacturing and working on development with an emphasis on originality.

Tyrell Story

To create by myself a bicycle that I really want

Tyrell was started in May 2004 from the home barn of the founder (current CEO) Masahito Hirose.

At that time there was no mini-velo that satisfies the desire to own both in terms of appearance and performance, then he desided to make one with his own hands. Hirose learned about bicycle making by himself from such curiosity and inquisitiveness, and devoted himself to researching the structure.

Even after creating Tyrell’s original “Slant Design”, he worked hard every day to realize his ideal mini-velo, from prototyping, procurement of materials, manufacturing, to sales.

The brand name “Tyrell” is named after the company that appears in the science fiction movie based on the legendary science fiction writer P.K Dick.

The brand name “Tyrell” was named after the “Tyrell corporation” that appeared in the science fiction movie based on the legendary science fiction writer P.K Dick. This is because Hirose admired the novel on which this movie was based, and was strongly attracted to the sound of the name. In this movie, an android, which is the culmination of technology, has a heart and tries to behave more like a human than a human being.

Bicycles, on the other hand, are vehicles that have continued to evolve, but whose basic structure has not changed since their birth.

Hirose finds a common denominator in both digital and analog, evolution and universality. It is included in the brand name “Tyrell”.

About us

Company name Ive emotion Co., Ltd
Address 1430-1, Kanzaki, Sangawa, Sanuki, Kagawa 769-2323 JAPAN
Established May 26 2004
CEO Masahito Hirose
Business Planning, Marketing, Design
Planning and manufacturing of sports bikes and related products, import and sale of components and parts.