No more pretentiousness
The new generation of Tyrell,
refined only to synchronize with the rider.

Folding bike with new concept looks into “oneness with the rider” thoroughly

  • The kickstand, seen in the above image (Takumi Setouchi Blue) is an optional parts (sold separately).
  • Please note in advance that some designs and specifications may differ from those shown in the images due to production timing and other factors.

FCX is a completely new concept in folding bikes, not for speed, but for the pleasure of interacting with the bike, with a new generation of Tyrell folding platform and a chromoly frame featuring slant design technology that makes the most of its flex to create a “one with the rider” feel.

Its frame and fork are “Made in Sanuki” products manufactured at our own factory in Sanuki-city, Japan, and are available on a fully made-to-order basis.

Two frame sizes (MS, ML), 190 frame colors to choose from, etc. — We will deliver a bike that is uniquely yours, reflecting your detailed requests.

Size of Wheels
Material of Frame
Folding Bike
Color Order


Full carbon fork manufactured completely in-house

We use the autoclave process, which is considered the highest quality carbon product manufacturing method.

Folding platforms of new generation High-quality seat stay connection area

Optimization of the parts clearance and fixing with a 12.0 large-diameter shaft enables the frame to be fixed with a higher jointing force than with conventional products.

Folding platforms of new generation Dramatically improved safety mechanisms

FCX uses a one-touch release locking plate system. In addition, the steering folding mechanism, which allows the use of standard handlebar stems, greatly increases the handlebar fixing force.

Compact folding size

Folding size is H 770 × W 870 × D 320 (drop handle). It is not different from folding models with 406 wheels (compared to ours).

Two frame sizes to suit your figure

You can choose from two different sizes to suit your figure: MS (suitable height 160–175 cm, weight 85 kg or less) and ML (suitable height 170–185 cm, weight 85 kg or less).

Color Order System

You can order your favorite color from about 190 colors (charged). It’s possible to choose 2 different colors for the front and rear, and choose the color of the decal.


Folding size ‹Drop Bar Model›: W 870 mm × H 770 mm × D 320 mm

A Wheel base
  • MS size 1,059 mm
  • ML size 1,095 mm
B Seat Tube length (C-T)
  • MS size 395 mm
  • ML size 435 mm
C Virtual Top Tube length (Horizontal)
  • MS size 540 mm
  • ML size 575 mm
D Head Tube angle
  • 70.5° for all sizes
E Seat Tube angle
  • 72.5° for all sizes
F Handlebar height*2
(GL to center of handlebar clamp)
  • MS size 925 mm
  • ML size 944 mm
  • MS size 828 mm
  • ML size 856 mm
  • MS size 793 mm
  • ML size 821 mm
  • G Saddle height*2
    (GL to top of saddle)
    • MS size 987 mm
    • ML size 1025 mm
    • MS size 758 mm
    • ML size 796 mm
    H Saddle height*2
    (BB center to top of saddle)
    • MS size 744 mm
    • ML size 784 mm
    • MS size 504 mm
    • ML size 544 mm
    • *1: With optional head cover 8mm height
    • *2: When using standard saddle VL-3135 + standard seat post (SB20)
    • Saddle rail center to saddle top: 55 mm
    • Saddle rail center to seat post limit line: 275 mm


    Name: FCX

    Frame kit Accessories: Front fork, Head set, Top cover, Column spacer, Folding column clamp, Seat clamp, Rear brake caliper, FD band adapter
    Component-less kit Complete bike kit not including component parts (Front/Rear deraileur, BB, Front brake, Crank set, Chain, Cassette, Control lever)
    Reference weight 10.0 kg (MS size, Shimano R7000 Drop bar, not including wieht of pedal, Color: Setoshirube Ruby Red)
    Colors Setoshirube Ruby Red, Takumi Setouchi Blue, Custom color
    Frame sizes MS, ML
    Manufacturing and Inspection All manufacturing processes are done at our own factory in Sanuki City, Kagawa, Japan.
    • For available components, framesets, specification changes and prices, please see ‹Specifications and Pricing [PDF]›.


    [Note: About the issue of product warranty card of FCX]

    Product warranty card of FCX is issued by the submission of Pre-delivery Inspection Record and Receipt Confirmation Sheet from dealer to us. If you can not obtain the warranty card, sorry to bother you, but could you please ask your dealer.

    [Note: Images, specifications and prices on the website]

    Specifications and prices of this product are subject to change without notice. Also, specifications and prices of the current model may differ from the images shown. For details, please check the latest specifications and price list or contact us.

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