Minivelo's unique looks.
Lightweight bike with high spec frame and fork.

Shock absorbing and lightweight for a comfortable ride

The SRV is a high-spec bike with an AL7005 aluminum frame, lightweight full carbon fork, and a finished weight of 8.3 kg, but at a surprisingly low price.

By sharing the main frame materials with higher grade models, the cost of preparing exclusive materials has been reduced.

Through various efforts, the components that are related to the performance of the frame have been designed with the following materials. down tube and seat tube are made of CSi top tube and head tube are made of FX frame material full carbon fork is the same as that of PK1

So there is no compromise in frame performance.

406 wheel size is adopted for a minivelo style. Its high-performance frame and funny 406 minivelo style give SRV an appealing look that can only be found on SRV.

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Size of Wheels
Material of Frame


Rear frame with suspension structure

The frame structure does not transfer the impact from the rear wheel directly to the saddle, resulting in a ride quality that is hard to believe is made of aluminum.

Adopted full carbon fork equivalent to that of PK1 and CSI

This high-spec fork weighs 390 g and the column shaft is also full carbon, combining rigidity, shock absorption, and light weight.

High-spec wheel with highly rigid rim and sealed bearings

Enjoy originality by changing logo decal!

Tyrell logo on the down tube is a sticker type and it can be adopted again afterwards. You can change the logo color and enjoy your own style.

Adopted triple-butted tubes

Hydroformed triple butted tube (1.4-1.0-1.6) is adopted for the down tube.

Frame also supports double front gears

Frame design assumes double front gears. Equipped with cable adjusters and cable guides as standard.


  • A Wheel Base: 1,072 mm
  • B Seat Tube length (C-T): 390 mm
  • C Virtual Top Tube length (Horizontal): 557 mm
  • D Head Tube angle: 70.0°
  • E Seat Tube angle: 73.0°
  • F Chainstay length: 432 mm
  • G Bottom Bracket height: 276 mm


Name: SRV

Complete bike SunRace R8 1x8s
Weight 8.3 kg (not including wieht of pedal)
Colors Kurogane Spark Matt, Sunset Orange
Manufacturing and Inspection Seeking the best balance between price without compromising performance or quality, we outsource manufacturing to Taiwan and conduct final quality inspections at our own factory.
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  • Kick stand for SRV

  • Color Change decal kit

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